Championship 2021 Rules



We like to play fare so our rules should be understood before you enter the championships!.

Whichever section of the championships you wish to categorise yourself in, once entered in any of the 3 sections you cannot change. Unless your exhibits fall into different groups. Ie if you have qualified a Novice, & you may have an Open exhibit you have qualified too, you may then enter both groups!.

EXAMPLE.  If you are unsure of your group.. If you consider yourself to be “grass Roots “ Then you are only allowed in the Grass Roots Group of classes,(1st year in showing),  Some assistance may be needed for the particularly young aged 3 to 7 yrs  this is allowed  having a adult present from another group!.   If you consider yourself a “Novice Competitor”, your exhibit may be from another group but you yourself must not have won more than 5 times in the current year of the championships!, A novice exhibit equally is considered a novice if not won more than 3 times within the current year of the championships & can be lead or rode by a Novice or an Open competitor.!  If you consider yourself to be an “open” Handler/Rider you may handle or ride an exhibit in another group if it is in its 1st season of showing & has not won more than 3 times for Novice.  Grass Roots the exhibit must still be in its 1st yr of showing up to the championships!. Anyone found to be breaking the Championships rules re groups will either be asked to change to the correct group or may be disqualified!.

The only time you may enter classes in Grass Roots/Novice is with a Grass Roots or Novice Exhibit or in the case of a Lead Rein Child may be considered Grass Roots or Novice, then an Open Handler is allowed!.

GRASSROOTS. This group is for the very basic of showing knowledge, so please only enter this section if you know this is you!. The rider/handler is not expected to be turned out in the highest standard of outfit, but must be clean & tidy with hard hats to British standard & correct foot wear, trainers are not allowed or open toe shoes!..L/R handlers must be 16 yrs & over. No gags, schooling whips to be used in the ring. During your show you will be asked to walk around the arena together, and then in your individual show you will be asked to walk & trot. If you do need assistance in the ring this is acceptable!.

NOVICE.  For exhibits & competitors that have a light amount of showing experience but  have” very low miles on the clock “You are expected to have the correct turn out , relating to the type of exhibit you are showing!, All hard hats must be of current British safety standards . No gags or schooling whips or spurs. In your show you will be expected to walk & trot in a group & canter in your individual show. Please be mindful that by entering this group either you yourself or your exhibit fits the “Novice “ criteria of no more than 3 wins within the season of the championships. Unless you are a child aged 7 yrs & below, you then can still be allowed under novice rules if off the lead rein, on the lead rein you should do open classes ie lead rein. If you are riding/handling a Novice Stallion or Colt you must be aged 14 yrs+ & be competent please no grass roots or novice competitors for stallions or colts!.

OPEN. For exhibits & Competitors who are seasoned show attendees irrespective of their stature or winnings! Correct attire must be worn according to type of exhibit that is been shown! When handling/Riding stallions or Colts you must be competent ages 14 yrs +. What is expected of you in the ring.  The judge will ask for walk, trot, canter in go round , may ask for an extension depending on what class you are in & type of exhibit!. The judge has also the right to give a “set show”!.

FALLING OFF IN THE RING. YOU CANNOT RE MOUNT IN THE RING, YOU MUST PUT THE EXHIBITS REINS OVER THEIR HEADS, STIRRUPS UP & LEAD OUT OF THE RING IF POSSIBLE, a handler may come to retrieve the exhibit in the event of an unruly animal or injury!.We will offer 1st aid. It  is up to the injured party if they wish to receive this or not. A slip of paper stating injury will be provided if you refuse attention or wish to seek medical help outside the venue!.

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYONE WHO IS TOO BIG FOR THEIR EXHIBIT, YOU MAY BE ASKED TO DISMOUNT. HOWEVER WE HAVE EXTENDED AGES FOR LEAD REIN & 1ST RIDDEN & HEIGHTS OF EXHIBITS WITHIN THESE CLASSES TO ALLOW FOR LATE STARTERS WITHIN CHILDREN OR SOME CHILDREN CAN BE TALL FOR THEIR AGE! Unlike societies that stipulate a max age or height of pony for  L/R & 1St Ridden we waver this !!!.  This is what stands us apart, but it is done to give “late starters” a chance, or children that might need bigger ponies ie if taller or if older!, either way we do allow movement in ages & heights. All we ask is that competitors are sensible; its stops here with us so whatever you have qualified for with the Championships this does not mean the same combination will be allowed at other events!


There is a £2.00 1st aid charge per competitor this is because we do provide 1st aiders that do need remuneration over the 2 days, without them we cannot hold the event!.

Class fees are £20.00 each, once entered depending on class availability you may enter other classes on the day of your show but this is only down to if there is any available space. We will be capping classes so it will be on a 1st come 1st entered basis!.

Inoculations. Oakridge Equestrian Centre carries a 12 month rule to date…pass ports do need to travel with the exhibits as may be checked.

Safety & Manners. May we ask all competitors to keep a safe distance while in the ring, remember your ring etiquette, the judge’s decision is final so no disrespect to the judge , if anyone has any complaints they must put it in writing with a £50 weaver (refundable if complaint upheld)  & handed to the secretary before leaving the show ground on the same day. The organiser of the show will look into any discrepancy & will try to resolve on the same day if possible.

The show organizers take no responsibility for any loss or damage to 3rd party property or live stock, it is up to each & everyone who comes on to Oakridge Equestrian Centres Site to be careful in looking after themselves & be mindful of others.  We will have first aiders on site, they will be located around the entry box/commentator box area.

There is strictly no smoking on the premises.

Children must be supervised at all times & not allowed to run around. Prams not allowed to stand in walk ways or access areas. Spectators are allowed but must stick to seated areas only, or the restraunt, bar or shop area. They are not allowed in Box Park, show preparation/ warm up areas.

Littler must be picked up & placed in bins located around the premises or taken home. Please no mucking out of horse boxes on the parking area!. Wipes seem to be the most common things left behind , when using them do collect them back up please , always keep a rubbish bag handy in your lorry!.

Dogs, if you need to bring your family pooch this is fine but he/she must be kept on a lead at all times, cleaned up after, if you need to leave unattended do make sure they have access to water.

Upon arrival, you will be parked; a representative of your party will be able to collect your back number from our entry secretary located just inside the indoor arena. You will find plenty of seating for spectators, there is a restraunt / cafe & bar available & farm shop should you wish to purchase food or drink from any of these facilities! Toilet facilities also available.

We will endeavour to run the classes as near to the time table as possible, but we cannot avoid hold ups, if classes do run over slightly we just ask for you to be patient, we do have tanoy facilities so we will put call outs to give you chance to get ready in time for your classes, but it is not the organizers responsibility to keep you informed, please do check on progress of the rings yourself!. The times in the schedule will not be started before, but are given just as guides.

There will be no tolerance of any inappropriate behaviour towards any animal or fellow human being. Persons seen abusing or the using of excessive whip, behaving in a vulgar manor speaking in a derogatory way will be asked to leave. We are all here to enjoy our day & showing so please be mindful of this. We all have odd “moments” when we feel frustrated, but all we ask is that you keep it to yourself & enjoy the day & don’t spoil it for others.

We wish to all our friends/competitors/spectators/judges /helpers& stewards

A very happy event,

From the team

Northern Lights Showing Masters

Bev Walsh, Tracey Neesam, Nigel Lowe & Kim Walsh

You can dowload your copy of the rules here

If you have any further questions please contact Beverly Walsh at

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