Club Rules 2021

Northern lights showing club rules.

To members & non members alike we welcome you all, we are a fun & friendly show but like all other shows & clubs we do need to set some guide lines & rules to make it safer for everyone on our event days. We are not linked to societies so our rules may differ, we do not set height limits to certain classes but in the event of us putting on qualifiers such as for STARS CHAMPIONSHIPS there may be height limits set in lead rein classes – 1st ridden classes, or ages set with children in handler classes, these may differ also. But where ever possible any changes will be put on our schedules.

Always feel free to contact us if you are unsure about anything.

Always wear hard hats for handling & riding on our show ground, the only exception is to Adults who have the option to wear caps or bowlers, it is an adult’s choice not to wear a hat in hand showing but we do not take any responsibility if anyone is hurt because of a choice you make in your attire.

We insist that competitors or spectators must always clean up after themselves with litter & their dogs which must always be kept on leads. Any litter must be taken home or put in bins supplied by the venue. Anyone seen breaking our rule may be asked to pick litter up it is only fare; other horses can be injured from discarded rubbish.

We ask all competitors to make sure they arrive on time for their classes, it cannot be our fault if you do not turn up & you miss your class, once you have paid your entry fee it is your responsibility to make sure you are there to compete. Entry fees cannot be transferred, as we go to great expense to put on the shows, pay for the venue & judges & helpers, plus prizes, which are all pre ordered & paid for , so no refunds will be given.

No bad behaviour will be tolerated on our show day, if anyone has a problem in any way shape or form please come & see us at the secretary desk, we are happy to assist sorting out a dispute, what we won’t stand is bad mouthing behind the scenes as this is totally unfair, we all like a enjoyable day, if someone upsets you then do please share it with us so hopefully we can resolve the situation in a civil way.

Regarding exhibits & turnout, young stock must be handled by competitant handlers, colts & stallions bitted where possible & handled by persons minimum age of 14 yrs +. No one should be either under or over horsed!. Novice classes the exhibit should not wear bits other than a snaffle or a Pelham. Of which d rounding’s should be used not 2 reins. Spurs not allowed, also whips must not be longer than 36” for in hand or ridden classes 24” to 30”. Lead rein classes – lead reins attached to the nose band only.

Clothing should be tidy, hard hats, Boots (no trainers or open toed sandals) worn at all times when handling or riding. Riding wear, jodhpurs should be worn; jackets will be allowed to be removed if the weather is hot. In hand casual trousers may be worn but not jeans. Also shirts & ties worn waistcoats or jackets, but no anorak type coat.

Above all we want you all to enjoy our events, if there is anything at all you need to question us about we are here for you & happy to help. Look forward to seeing you at our next show.

Northern Lights Showing Team.

You can download your copy of the club rules here

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